Caring for Baby's Health Begins with Milk Teeth

The presence of baby teeth is actually very important, because it will later provide a place for adult tooth growth. Milk teeth also help babies chew food and help talk well. Teeth are a supporting part of the digestive process, which is to bite, tear, cut, grind, and chew food. As in adults, milk teeth need to be cared for to make it easier for babies to digest food. The total number of milk teeth is 20. The teeth consist of four front incisors (top and bottom), four side incisors (located between the middle incisors), four canines, and eight molars. When Do Milk Teeth Grow and Date? There is a time span when baby teeth begin to grow, but the average milk teeth will begin to appear when the baby is aged between 6 months to 1 year. This time span varies from one baby to another. There are babies who do not have teeth until more than 9 months old. In fact, there are some babies who already have baby teeth when new born or called Christmas teeth. Furthermore, baby teeth will be da
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